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Starting a Home Bakery in Lockdown

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Barney and I have never been bloggers but we're going to give it a go - so here is my first entry. We're planning to take it in turns so you get to know a little bit of "us" along the way, the journey is only just beginning and we have lots of plans we can't wait to share.

"So what did lockdown teach you?" - Perhaps the most popular question of 2020 so far!

Here at The Loaf Tin it taught us a lot and I know I speak for us both when I say I will be forever grateful for these life lessons.

It taught me to listen to and really appreciate the amazing surroundings we live in and the beauty of simplicity.

I also learnt never again to take for granted a loo roll or a bag of flour!

The most exciting purchase we made in lockdown was something called a "MockMill." All the way from Germany this thing of beauty enables us to stoneground our flour from wheat grain. We certainly weren't going to let a shortage of flour stop progress so decided we'd have to make our own. There was no shortage of grain so we had a bag delivered and 'wow' the taste is phenomenal.

The process of the grain being stoneground in our own home felt a lot like lockdown in essence, stripping back to how things used to be done. We were fascinated to learn that most flour in supermarkets has been through a machine up to about 16 times. The best article we read explained the grain in terms of an avocado and which parts we were able to keep by milling our own grain, but that's a blog for another day. Although our current MockMill isn't quite ready to mill 100% of our flour, we're really looking forward to including it in some of our weekly specials.

So I hope you enjoy browsing our website and tasting lots of our fresh bread, biscuits, granola and more, and I really look forward to seeing many of you on our deliveries.

Above all lockdown taught me how lucky I am to live with my best friend - not one day went by when we weren't experimenting with a new loaf or fantasising about our new brand identity.

Barney is already looking forward to writing blog number 2 so watch this space!

MockMill grounding some fresh flour.

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