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Relocation FAQs

We've had a few customers asking about our relocation - we therefore thought it might be an idea to put together this small FAQs page to try and help answer any question you may have. 

Where are you relocating to?

We are moving just 4 minutes down the road from our current location towards Duddenhoe End & Elmdon. We'll be part of a newly developed site called Compass Courtyard.

The address is: Compass Courtyard, Clanver End, Wendens Ambo, CB11 4UL. We recommend using “What3Words” to help you locate our new home, the words are ///sweeping.reinvest.walnuts

Why are you relocating?

When we started The Loaf Tin in the first covid lockdown of 2020 we had no idea it would become what it has today. We now need a more fit for purpose space as currently we have equipment spread all over and have to climb a lot of stairs with heavy sourdough (not ideal). Our new location will let you see behind the scenes as the production of our products will be on show for all to see. When deciding on a new location this was an important element so we could share our passion of the process we follow. Rest assured that our baking process will remain the same as before - we’ll just be baking in a new location.

Will you still be selling the same products?

We will absolutely be continuing our current product range and we hope the new space will enable us to continue the addition of regular specials and new releases.

When will you be reopening?

It’s quite an upheaval to relocate all of our equipment and we’ll need time to carry out various test-bakes before we’re ready to open the doors. With this in mind we are aiming to be open before the end of January 2024. To be kept up to date simply subscribe to our website mailing list or follow us on social media.

Will parking be available?

Yes there will be a free car park available with easy access in and out.

Will there be other retailers on the same site?

Yes there is due to be a cafe with both indoor and outdoor seating as well as an on-site gym, beautician, designer clothes retailer, potter, cookery school and more - we hope it will be a great destination to visit.

What will your opening hours be?

Our opening hours will remain much the same - they will be as follows:

  • Monday - Closed

  • Tuesday - 8am to 3pm

  • Wednesday - 8am to 3pm

  • Thursday - 8am to 3pm

  • Friday - 8am to 3pm

  • Saturday - 9am to 1pm

  • Sunday - Closed

Will I still be able to pre-order on the website?

Absolutely! You will still be able to pre-order through our website, the only difference will be the collection location. Please bear with us if it takes us a couple of weeks to reset our pre-ordering option as we become familiar with the new space.

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